Our Approach

Our Approach to Immunotherapy

With the interdisciplinary experience of Anaveon’s team, the drug development process comes naturally, allowing us to focus on the results. We generate therapeutic hypotheses, and we use cutting-edge science to translate them into drugs – starting with targeted immunotherapy for cancer.

Our Unique Approach To IL-2 Immunotherapy

Our lead program is a powerful and selective interleukin-2 (IL-2) agonist to target cancer.

IL-2 Acts Through Different IL-2 Receptors

Trimeric Receptor


CD4+ regulatory T cells (Treg) limit anti-tumor responses


Pulmonary endothelial cells contribute to dose limiting toxicity

Dimeric Receptor


CD8 + T cells


NK cells promote anti-tumor responses

While recombinant IL-2 (Proleukin®) has shown efficacy in the treatment of metastatic melanoma and renal cell carcinoma, it has major drawbacks, which result in a limited therapeutic window.

  • IL-2 simultaneously promotes the proliferation of anti-tumor CD8 T cells and also tumor-protective regulatory T cells, resulting in limited efficacy.
  • It is only active in the body for a short time, so it must be administered three times a day.
  • Its toxicity limits the dose that patients can receive.



Lack of selectivity


Dose-limiting toxicity


Short in vivo half-life – Frequent dosing

Introducing ANV419

The culmination of our research is ANV419, which is in clinical development. It is a rationally engineered fusion protein that is a stable, antibody-like molecule.

ANV419 is expected to:


Have better efficacy with excellent selectivity for CD8+ cells


Result in better safety, no severe toxic events were observed in preclinical trials


Require less frequent dosing as it is stable for longer in the body

Our Progress to Date


Preclinical Development

ANV419 has demonstrated efficacy in mouse syngeneic tumor models and class-leading pharmacodynamic effects with excellent safety in non-human primates. The production, formulation, and stability of ANV419 have been well established and clinical supply is on target for the first clinical study.


Next-Generation Therapeutics

Second-generation ANV419-based compounds with targeted biodistribution are in early preclinical development for specific cancer indications.

Combination Therapies

Cancer treatments often work more powerfully in combination, and we are working with collaborators to explore the potential of ANV419 to synergize with other modes of action. We are looking at the efficacy of ANV419 in combination with both antigen-agnostic therapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors and targeted therapies, and antigen-specific therapies such as vaccines.




With our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and network of CROs, we have the means to identify drug candidates, develop them and progress them through early phase clinical trials, in order to get treatments ready for late-stage development and registration trials.


Intellectual Property (IP)

In addition to a worldwide exclusive license to IP generated at Novartis and UZH, Anaveon has strong IP and proprietary know-how estate covering its innovative technology. We continue to strengthen this IP portfolio by filing patent applications on new approaches for specific oncology and non-oncology indications.