Developing Treatments to Benefit Patients

Anaveon is a clinical stage company committed to transforming immunological insights into life-saving therapies. With a vision to use our expertise in cutting-edge immunology to design and develop treatments that benefit patients and society, the team has the skills to make it happen and is ready to see the impact of ANV419 in patients.

Our Mission

To transform cytokines into life-saving treatments

Our Vision

To use our expertise in cutting-edge immunology to design and develop patient treatments that benefit society

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Anaveon is working toward its vision with a team of dedicated expert scientists who have decades of experience in drug development. Expertise and drive to deliver tangible results is what sets Anaveon apart.


Developing a Safe and Effective IL-2 Cancer Treatment

We are exploiting the power of cytokines to orchestrate immune responses by using protein engineering to create safe and effective treatments for a variety of serious diseases.

The first drug we have taken into clinical trials is a selective interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor agonist which is a fusion protein of a highly specific anti-IL-2 antibody and IL-2: ANV419. We have shown that our lead compound ANV419, can selectively promote the function of immune effector cells, making it a potential treatment for a range of cancer types. Taking ANV419 into clinical testing has now brought it a step closer to the patients who need it.

Developing Tomorrow’s Treatments

Beyond ANV419, we have a pipeline that features targeted cytokines under development to treat a range of diseases. In the future, our work may involve securing additional funding and forging partnerships to strengthen our programs.

We will continue to harness the power of cytokines, leveraging the expertise of our team and our state-of-the-art facilities to develop treatments that benefit society.

Word from the CEO

“At Anaveon, we are a team of motivated scientists with decades of experience in drug development; our commitment to finding solutions requires us to follow novel approaches with clear scientific rationale in order to reach our shared vision.”

Andreas Katopodis, Co-Founder and CEO

Our lead project is a next generation IL-2 therapeutic with exquisite selectivity for effector cell proliferation and excellent safety. The expected wide therapeutic window should not only allow combination therapy with established and novel modes of action, but possibly expand the therapeutic potential to less immunogenic tumors that are currently not responsive to immunotherapy.

Our pipeline includes additional programs that leverage targeted cytokines for a range of immune-mediated diseases.

We are at an exciting phase of our journey and we welcome your interest in our science, development and clinical activities.